Payday Loans: Vancouver Locations In Canada

payday loans vancouverPay Day is a short-term loan offered by regulated financial companies as an alternate to loans from the bank. Therefore, if you are distressed or need immediate cash, look no further than payday loans. Here is a list of five reputable companies offering payday loans in Vancouver with easy payment terms.

Mr. PayDay

Mr. PayDay is located centrally on Kingsway Street operating six days a week excluding Sunday. The company is in business since 2002 and prides itself in offering loans in less than 30 minutes. Customers can either access the convenient location or apply online.

Despite variances, Mr. Payday claims to offer lowest rates in the region with almost 99 percent approval rate. As a fully licensed business, its offerings also include cash advances and related financial services. You can contact this loan provider on the following numbers:

3421 Kingsway Street
Vancouver, BC V5R 5L3
Tel.: 604-435-2274
Toll-Free: 1-877-432-2274

Focus Financial Inc.

Focus Financial Inc. is one of the largest providers of Payday loans in British Colombia. You must be employed and make at least $1000 per month to qualify as a loan candidate. The company regularly runs promotion that often provides up to 25% discount on first-time loans. Applicants can apply online without faxing, and it only takes 30 minutes. You can contact Focus Financial at these numbers:

3333 Kingsway, Vancouver,
British Columbia V5R 5K6
Tel: (604) 439-7667 Fax: (604) 439-7664
Toll Free Phone: 1-877-605-6262

BCCC – Payday Loans Vancouver

Blue Capital Cooper Corporation is also one of the largest financial providers of payday loans. Located just a street away from Vancouver Convention Center, the company can provide $1,500 in instant cash without any credit check. Those who are 18 years and older, hold a job and maintain an active bank account are automatically qualified to get 50% of the net pay on the spot.

To apply for pay day loans, candidates must provide two latest pay stubs, bank statement, blank cheque and government issued ID. You can reach company representatives at the following numbers:

300 A 1055 West Hastings Street
Vancouver BC, V6E 2E9
(778) 874-9564
(866) 753-1929 Fax

PayDay Loans Vancouver

PayDay Loans Vancouver is a relatively new company located at Homer Street. Unlike most other organizations, it provides loans to almost anyone without stringent requirements. For qualified candidates, it even allows the client to borrow their first loans without any interest rate. In most cases, there is no faxing required as approval up to $1500 can be granted instantly.

PayDay Loans Vancouver
1103-822 Homer Street,
Vancouver, BC V6B 6M3


BC-Loans is a reputable brokerage firm that pays alternate payday loans. The payment mode is slightly different from other companies as the minimum payment term is 84 days. For a period of three months, equal payments are deducted from the bank account for three months.

On approval, transfers are instantaneous but may take 24 hours. To be eligible, the company requires an income of at least $1200 per month and does not offer loans to self-employed individuals. For more questions on payment terms, contact the brokerage at:

885 West Georgia Street #1500
Vancouver, BC, Canada
(855) 720-0096

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